Standart furniture manufacture

    Exclusiveness for Your interior will provide our designed various styles furniture collections, which contain of: coffee-tables, consoles, commodes, TV tables/commodes, dining tables etc.

    As an interior accent dominates decorative cube. This product has won 1st place during “Week of design” in 2012. It could be used as a coffee-table, as an additional table near, also it is suitable to use as a lamp, which will brighten and accentuate any space.

    All these products are of highest quality, subtle finish, decorative fretworks.

   For those who appreciate naturalness, practicality and, the most important – ecology, we offer ecological oil finish. Not usual yet in Lithuania, but very appreciable abroad – naturalness, cosiness highlighting finish. Also, this finish is characterized with durability, is not difficult to restore or renew and is faster to manufacture. We use high quality oil, which does not contain water, is made from natural materials without volatile organic compounds, so it is environmentally-friendly.