Furniture design

PC Domus Gallery, II floor

You will find our furniture design studio on the second floor of PC “Domus Galerija”. Here we have set up a furniture exhibition where customers and interior designers can familiarize themselves with:

  1. Quality of designed and manufactured furniture;
  2. The range of materials, fittings and accessories offered;
  3. The possibilities of technical solutions;
  4. The latest trends in furniture design brought from European exhibitions;

This studio is also our furniture design office, where an experienced team of specialists works.


What influences your decision, which furniture manufacturer to choose?

Many would answer that we choose quality materials, a reliable company, experienced craftsmen…And they would be right. However, there is another very important component of a successful result – a competent design team that creates a professional furniture project. We can confidently say that our company is one of the few in Lithuania that pays great attention to the design and project implementation process. We have assembled a strong team of specialists and accumulated 20 years of experience in the field of furniture design and project administration.


What is important to know for our future Customers who plan to order a furniture design and production service when setting up a new home or renovating existing home spaces?

The Project Manager will accompany You throughout this journey, so You can be sure and calm that Your expectations, with which You opened the doors of our studio, will be justified! And no surprises!

First meeting

Your journey will begin with a visit to our Studio and a professional consultation during which:

  1. we will discuss what Your needs and expectations are;
  2. we will assess the scope of the project;
  3. we will form a preliminary budget;


Another important stage on which the success of a good project depends – a visit to the spaces for which the furniture will be designed and manufactured. We will need:

  1. measure the premises in detail;
  2. evaluate all factors influencing furniture design choices (light diffusion, sense of space, location of future furniture, ergonomic parameters, etc.);
  3. And of course, all this will be performed and evaluated by an experienced project manager.


Not everyone is gifted with the imagination of a designer or an artist, perspective thinking, sense of space, perception of the materiality of things, color combinations or the totality of various details… All the more, the understanding of all these parameters requires a lot of work experience in this field. To make it more convenient and easier for you to imagine what your future furniture and interior will look like, we will take a walk around your future home in a virtual 3D model of the designed furniture project. A virtual 3D model will allow you to easily understand everything, imagine the future result, discuss and coordinate in detail. We want to be sure that after the implementation of the project, when you see the final real image of the furniture and interior, you will experience only good emotions, and not a silent conversation with yourself “I didn’t imagine everything like that” and disappointment. Don’t buy a cat in a bag!


To make our shared vision a reality, we will prepare a comprehensive package of technical drawings that:

  1. will help with further furniture production processes (you can find out more in the “Factory” section), and will also help you not to get lost in confusing labyrinths of information;
  2. will help the project manager to check whether the furniture intended for you at each stage of production is produced according to the project agreed with you;
  3. will help to install the furniture correctly and without defects;
  4. will help you if you need information or in the event of an unforeseen situation in the future when operating the furniture. So we will prepare the same package of drawings for you.

The result

We will finish the trip after evaluating the result together with YOU!
We will be happy for YOU! And we will thank YOU!
Thank You for Your trust!

With love,

Rasa Andre,
designer – project manager