Our Aim is to be the best!

For 16 years, the UAB “Lino baldai” team has been designing and producing non-standard cabinet furniture according to individual orders. We work with private clients, architects, interior designers. We implement complex, ergonomically and functionally solved non-standard furniture projects. We pay special attention to product quality and details. We manufacture furniture with new, modern equipment, Vilnius district. located in the new UAB “Lino baldai” factory.

UAB “Lino baldai” develops three lines of activity:

  1. “Luxury line” – design and production of luxury non-standard furniture without any restrictions. The designed furniture is made from all materials and fittings transported to Lithuania. According to the client’s needs, projects are prepared, furniture structural units are solved, facade types are created, and paint colors are restored. Luxury projects for private houses and apartments are implemented. An experienced team of designers works in the furniture studio located in the PC Domus gallery. Here you can see and evaluate exclusive and innovative solutions, get acquainted with the latest trends in materials and fittings.
  2. “Standard Line” is furniture standardized according to the company’s database of furniture structures, materials and production processes, manufactured according to the customer’s individual room dimensions and selected colors. The accumulated experience of 16 years of furniture production allowed the UAB Lino baldai team to create “Standard Line” – an extremely high-quality furniture line at a competitive price. Standardization of furniture production and elimination of the design process allows furniture to be produced within an optimally short production period and most importantly – gives the customer the opportunity to easily, comfortably and quickly make decisions on the order of selected furniture! Ordering and matching furniture takes place in the factory’s furniture showroom. Here you can not only evaluate the quality of furniture, but also see the entire furniture production process.
  3. “Select Line” is a collection of free-standing standard furniture with a unique, exclusive design. These are dining tables, living room tables, chests of drawers, consoles, decorative cubes and accessories. The furniture stands out for its style, decorative patterns, delicacy and time-consuming painstaking handwork. There are several colors, dimensions and material types to choose from. The unique design of this furniture was created by UAB Lino baldai and patented in the EU.

UAB “Lino baldai” represents and trades Italian, German and other manufacturers’ chairs, sofas, armchairs, carpets, and other furniture and accessories.


Furniture design

We are located in Vilnius, PC “Domus Galerija”. It is one of the largest furniture and interior shopping centers in the Baltic States. For the convenience of customers, there is a large parking lot and an excellent restaurant. Representatives of many of the most famous European interior accessory manufacturers are located in Domus Gallery.

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When building the factory, we focused on the production of non-standard, one-of-a-kind furniture. Our furniture manufacturing process is based on order, innovation and process efficiency. In the company, we apply the work and order principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS). The production is oriented towards the production of non-standard, one-of-a-kind furniture. The process is automated according to production needs and existing facilities. All equipment is new and automated.

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Our team

Linas Abukauskas

“If you do what you’re already doing, you’ll achieve what you already have.”  That’s how it turns out that I keep coming up with something new to do… Not necessarily grandiose or cardinal. But steadily, steadily, little by little. And it leads forward – and this is enough to be happy with the results achieved when you look at the past few years.

Balance is the most important thing in life. Everywhere: at work, in the family, and in sports… Although work is very important to me and constitutes a very large part of my life, I try to work in such a way that work brings pleasure – then work becomes a hobby.

One of the goals is to create a stable, innovative, fair business with excellent conditions for employees. I think that the solid foundation of a business consists of efforts to be a reliable partner for customers, to meet their expectations, not to disappoint, not to deceive. I understand that the processes of these goals have no end – they need to be constantly maintained and improved.


Rasa Andre

Emotion – that’s what gives meaning to the clothes we wear, the scent we like, the movie we’ve seen, and of course the environment – the house we live in or plan to live in. Therefore, my most important task as a designer is to listen to the client, respond to his needs, justify and maybe even exceed his expectations. I dedicate all my strength and experience to achieve this goal – EMOTIONS, to which the client would remain indifferent.

I have been working in the furniture industry for 20 years, and I feel that this is only half way to my goals. This experience in my professional activities gives me the opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues and clients, to look at situations and challenges from a different angle. Thanks to this experience comes the realization that more important than the destination is the journey towards it, the people you meet along the way and the relationship with them…

Kristina Balaišytė

Form, function, creativity – this is what accompanies me throughout my life. More than 10 years of experience in the field of interior design has allowed me to subtly combine forms and functionality in my creations unique spaces and in cooperation with various clients.

The principle of my work is to combine formality with warmth point of view. Communication, equal expectations and creating a satisfying result are the basis of my work.

I aim to constantly improve and apply my design skills to bring new ideas and innovations to interior design and the field of furniture design.

Rytis Mažiulis

Time and the environment are the most important resources in our lives, so we try to use them as efficiently as possible while protecting the environment.

Our life consists of many recurring factors. By observing, analyzing and systematizing them, the tasks performed can be significantly facilitated. A systematic approach requires more time and effort in the beginning, but in the long run, repetitive steps save time, effort and resources.

Based on these principles, we optimize production in order to achieve maximum value for the customer in the shortest time.