“Standard Line” is furniture standardized according to the company’s database of furniture structures, materials and production processes, manufactured according to the customer’s individual room dimensions and selected colors. The accumulated experience of 16 years of furniture production allowed the UAB Lino baldai team to create “Standard Line” – an extremely high-quality furniture line at a competitive price. Standardization of furniture production and elimination of the design process allows furniture to be produced within an optimally short production period and most importantly – gives the customer the opportunity to easily, comfortably and quickly make decisions on the order of selected furniture! Ordering and matching furniture takes place in the factory’s furniture showroom. Here you can not only evaluate the quality of furniture, but also see the entire furniture production process.

“Standard Line” – divided into 3 groups of collections, according to the choice of materials:

  1. “Basic” – is a collection with the best price-quality ratio. Intended for customers looking for the lowest prices, perfect for rented apartments, offices. It stands out for its reliability and ease of use.
  2. “Basic plus” – this collection is filled with materials that provide additional design elements, i.e. thin, 10mm thick table top (compact laminate), gola profile, which gives a minimalistic effect (screw-on knobs are not necessary), and additional, luxurious lmdp decors from a more expensive material group, which allows you to get endless different design options.
  3. “Premium” – a collection for a solid choice. The collection is complemented by painted mdf and natural oak veneer facades.
Kristina Balaišytė
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