We create not only furniture, but also the story of Our life.

Balance is the most important thing in life. Everywhere – in the family, in sports, in everyday life and of course at work. We spend a very large part of our lives at work, so we need to try and learn to work in such a way that work brings pleasure – then work will become a hobby!

It is important that the work has a deeper meaning, ideology, symbols, connection with nature, with family. We strive to make work a family, to have a pleasant environment at work, to make work processes run smoothly and quality work succeed the first time.

UAB Lino badai STANDARD LINE symbolism

THE TREE OF LIFE symbolizes QUALITY, EXPERIENCE, WISDOM and LONGEVITY. The symbol of the tree of life also means connection with your family, fertility, rebirth. A tree is a symbol of strength and growth, showing one’s identity – all trees are unique and different. It symbolizes the personal growth of each of us – i.e. from different individuals and different experiences, unique qualities, individuality are formed. With the symbol of the tree of life, Lino baldai UAB also wants to show that, when manufacturing furniture, they try to protect and conserve nature, strive for sustainability, and believe that all life on earth is interconnected.

UROBOR (a snake swallowing its own tail) is a symbol of RENEWAL, REBIRTH, PERFECTION and ETERNITY. Every ending is a new beginning. The end of a journey or process always means a new beginning. A circle is a closed and repetitive process, cyclicality. This symbol describes the life of the company and the repetitive production process.


The Lino baldai team believes that not only high craftsmanship and quality of materials are important, but also passion for creating something that has meaning. Exclusive attention is always paid to even the smallest details, thus aiming to combine the beauty of design with practicality. “Lino baldai” encourages personal expression and the realization that furniture is more than just functional goods.